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I have attached a photo which I hope shows how well I did with my phobia of heights. This is something I would never have done before. The picture of me is right by the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Thank you so much!

Mandy, Essex


I visited Kerry to see if she could help with my spider phobia. I was a little dubious but genuinely wanted to cure it. I thought Kerry’s methods were a little mad to start with, but I knew I was in good hands and let myself go with it. She had me cured and I even went out to find one which was a massive thing for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.

Sammy, Essex

Kerry has worked wonders with my mother who was diagnosed with cancer and following this, developed severe anxiety. She not only had a fear of lifts, but she had a phobia of the scanning equipment to the point where she was refusing to attend her upcoming appointment. Following her sessions with Kerry- she had two shorter sessions- she was able to calmly travel in a lift and remain still and comfortably relaxed for her MRI scan. I cannot thank Kerry enough for what she did with my mother.

Tracey, Essex

I decided to seek Kerry’s help to deal with my teenage son’s needle phobia. He refused to allow me to take him for blood tests and would get hysterical at the mere mention of the word. Kerry put my son at ease straight away and he loved her fun way of working. At one point she stuck his hand to the chair! Today I was able to take him and he calmly had the blood taken. I was absolutely amazed! Thank you so much!

Dawn, Essex

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