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I was involved in a traumatic event in the workplace and was really struggling to process what happened. It started to affect my sleeping and I was having difficulty controlling my anger. I visited Kerry and she immediately put me at ease. I explained my issues and using her hypnotic skills, she helped me shift all the emotions which were lingering around for me to move on. My sleeping routine is now better than it was before the incident, the best it’s been for my adult life in fact. My anger is fully under control and I feel that I’m dealing with everyday life without flying off the handle at the slightest thing. I can’t thank Kerry enough.

Emma, Essex

I went to see Kerry as I was struggling with some deep emotional issues. She has a unique way of working which is unlike anything I have ever come across previously. I really like her no-nonsense style and she has helped me release a ton of stuck emotions that I was holding onto. A great experience from start to finish. I feel confident, so much more positive and fully ready to embrace life!

Sam, Essex

Kerry was so lovely and made me feel at ease the moment I messaged her. After session one I felt less anxious and more focused, the things that once bothered me suddenly didn’t seem to affect me the same way. I liked the way that I did not have to revisit any painful memories but instead was just able to let them go. The sessions I had with Kerry really had a massive impact on the struggles I was having.

Since seeing Kerry, I have been able to move forward in my life and do what is right for me. I can’t thank Kerry enough for helping me and I highly recommend anyone needing help with anxiety or other personal issues to contact her.

Charlotte, Essex

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